Rustic Hanging Paper Fern Made from Book Pages

Isn’t this cute? I love this hanging paper greenery thought to utilize an old book as opposed to discarding it. Such a charming thought! My objective has consistently been to make my home wonderful without going through a huge amount of cash.

Things like old books, a touch of paste, and some contact paper can undoubtedly transform into a flawless thing to hang in your home as an additional stylistic theme thing that adds excellence to a room.

Hanging Paper Fern

This thought, in my psyche, takes after a perch room when hanging. A perch room inside? I’m all over that bit of excellence without the chaos. Obviously, it could be only a straightforward design that resembles a plant, or just a provincial expansion to your room.

Regardless of what you think it resembles, this is only a delightful and simple expansion to your home.

I love repurposing old book pages and have made a huge amount of wonderful things to add to my home. Only half a month back, I made this embellishing quill from book pages.

Would i be able to Paint The Pages of My Fern?

On the off chance that you don’t need this to be natural with the pages appearing, you might need to paint or add shading to the book pages. I can see effectively utilizing shaded art paper rather than an old book for this to give some shading.

In the event that you need to paint or shading the pages, you could do that.

To paint the pages, I would prescribe utilizing a watercolor and permitting each page to totally dry before collapsing/rolling and making this adornment.

With one side painted and the opposite side outstanding the blurred shade of an old book, it adds much more profundity to the venture. Utilizing green paint will make this look progressively like a genuine plant.

Approaches to Dress Up This Hanging Book Decoration

Anyway, you’ve made this hanging paper greenery however not certain how to manage it? Obviously, you can hang it anyplace in your home, yet perhaps you need to add a touch of oomph to the look.

Maybe the natural pages aren’t actually a decent match to the remainder of your home stylistic layout. All things considered, look at a portion of the thoughts I thought of beneath to change up your beautification.

Utilize a splendidly hued contact paper outwardly official to include shading.

Coat the pages with white paste and sprinkle sparkle on them to make it shimmer.

Paint the pages as referenced previously.

Use lace rather than rope or twine for hanging the design.

Add monogram stickers to the bookbinding outwardly.

Supplies Needed

An old book


Contact paper

Twine or Ribbon


Paste stick or specialty stick


To start, you will utilize your book to follow against a bit of cardboard allotting enough for different sides of a book, in addition to a 2″ center “fastener”;

Following book size on cardboard

Cut the cardboard pieces out;

Removing cardboard support for book beautification

Presently, you will quantify the contact paper to somewhat bigger than the cardboard pieces;

Lay the cardboard over the contact paper and join smoothing all edges and cutting so it is smooth;

Adding cardboard pieces to the contact paper

Utilize a gap punch to include openings each side of the center authoritative;

Presently run the twine through the openings tying on the focal point of the bookbinding on the underside;

Adding twine to book improvement

Presently, you will stick a book page onto within the cardboard book “fastener”;

Next, you will start moving/collapsing the paper pages over to make the moves as demonstrated sticking the edges together with a paste stick;

Sticking and moving book pages

Proceed with this procedure for 6-7 pieces connecting them to one another as you move along;

Joining book pages together

Make an extra arrangement of moved paper indistinguishable from the first, and afterward proceed with this procedure making 3 sets absolute;

One move of old book pages got together with stick

Presently, you will move pages and connect them to within cardboard book spread as appeared;

At long last, you will connect the 3 moves you made to begin in the center area of the bookbinder utilizing make stick;

Sticking book pages set up

When the paste dries, you will hang as wanted.

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