Norwegian Adventures: Visiting Briksdal Glacier

Briksdalsbreen is another arm of the relentless Jostedalsbreen ice sheet, and is found inside Jostedalsbreen National Park.

The national park is described by high mountains, serene fjords and a scope of fantastically beautiful climbing trails. Briksdalsbreen itself sits toward the finish of the Oldedalen valley, where it falls down the mountainside like an enormous solidified cascade.

You can decide to walk the 3km course from the Briksdalsbre Mountain Lodge to the icy mass, or take a ride on one of the ‘Troll vehicles’ that bus guests to and fro throughout the mid year months.

Step by step instructions to find a good pace

The most ideal approach to get to Briksdalsbreen is from the close by town of Stryn. You can arrive at the town by driving along the E39 from either Bergen or Ålesund.

On the other hand, express transports rush to Stryn from a few Norwegian urban areas including Ålesund (3 hr), Bergen (6hr 30min) or Trondheim (7hr 30min). From Stryn, a unique ‘icy mass transport’s runs directly to the Oldedalen valley.

Extraordinary undertakings

There are many climbing conceivable outcomes in Briksdal and the encompassing territory. The most mainstream walk is the 3 km trail from the Mountain Lodge to Briksdal Glacier. You can likewise do the 3 Glacier Hike and see the Melkevoll and Brenndal Glaciers notwithstanding the Briksdal Glacier. There are additionally different path for the individuals who need a test. Mt. Kattanakken and Oldeskaret are unbelievable high climbs. Because of the ice conditions at Briksdal Glacier, the guided icy mass climbs are moved to Tystigbreen Glacier at Mt. Strynefjellet, guided by Briksdal Adventure.

Among the numerous features of Briksdalsbreen are the numerous huge and beautiful cascades surging down the mountains. Kleivarfossen is one of Norway’s most captured cascades and that once in a while comes as an astonishment for first-time guests.

The zone around Briksdalsbreen is additionally a well known region for climbing yet there are possibilities for the individuals who can’t go on longer climbs. Guests at Briksdalen can go on a 1.5-hour full circle in a “Troll Car” where you’re taken to all the beautiful spots.

We peeped out from under our umbrellas like energized kids while our Troll Car to Briksdal Glacier knock up the mountain. It was pouring down with downpour be that as it may, surprisingly for me, I couldn’t have cared less. To my privilege a cascade was tumbling magnificently down the mountain, thundering with startling power and force. To one side I could see the frosty blue tip of the ice sheet coming into view and I was loaded up with another rush of energy.

I was in Norway with P&O Cruises to commend their new ship, Iona, propelling in 2020. I’d been welcome to look at a portion of the shore journeys accessible to voyage travelers in the Norwegian fjords and taking a Troll Car to Briksdal Glacier was a flat out feature for me.

We were advancing toward the icy mass on a Troll Car, a little carriage seating 7 individuals, which got us from Brikstal and drove us to Briksdal Glacier. You can likewise climb to the icy mass and a well known walk is a 3km climb from the Mountain Lodge to Briksdal Glacier. On the off chance that you’re ready to walk and the climate is your ally, at that point I’d prescribe strolling. The perspectives in transit up are amazing and arriving at the icy mass feels like much a greater amount of an accomplishment.

Yet, in the event that you’d like a less difficult approach to arrive at the icy mass, at that point the Troll Car is an enjoyment, simple and available approach to arrive and the full circle takes about 1.5 hours. The autos run routinely and you get a lot of time at the icy mass before returning. The Troll Cars drop you off close to the ice sheet (around 700 meters away) and afterward it’s a short stroll on genuinely even ground.

Travel Hack Tip: It’s important that the Troll Cars don’t have a rooftop so make certain to pack an umbrella or a sun cap – or both in light of the fact that in Norway you truly may get bursting daylight followed by overwhelming precipitation!

Brikstal Glacier is a piece of the popular Jostedal ice field, the biggest in mainland Europe. The icy mass takes off up to 1,200 meters and has a wonderful blue tone. It would appear that something from a Disney film – you can nearly observe the water colliding with the valley underneath and it resembles Elsa herself has cast out her otherworldly powers to freeze the water as it falls. Truly, that is a Frozen reference for any individual who hasn’t had the delight of watching it 50 billion times. There’s a frosty chill however the air is so new and clean and will undoubtedly be occupied by the delightful landscape that encompasses.

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