Beautiful DIY Paper Flower Photo Card

Transform a couple of bits of art paper into an excellent paper bloom photograph card! This is an incredible art to utilize all year as a present for loved ones. I love taking new depictions of my children and adding them to this card to send to the grandparents and their auntie. It’s so enjoyable to see kids energized that they made an exceptional card all individually!

Paper Flower Photo Card

On the off chance that you didn’t have a clue, I love blossoms. It’s most likely truly evident with what number of extraordinary paper bloom instructional exercises or even yarn pom blossoms I have made previously. If not, you know since blossoms are my preferred thing ever! Along these lines, when attempting to concoct a basic however exceptional present for my folks from the grandchildren, I realized a card would be extraordinary.

What’s the Best Paper for Making a Homemade Card?

For this card, I like to utilize somewhat stiffer art paper. Development paper or shaded card stock is perfect. On the off chance that stuck a sticky situation, you could utilize fundamental duplicate paper, however it will in general be progressively feeble and not hold up also. Designed specialty paper is a decent other option, however check the heaviness of the paper as some simply aren’t sufficiently strong to hold the bloom shape when the card is finished.

Would i be able to Add Glitter to My Cards?

One of my preferred activities is add some additional sparkle to the card to beautify the space with more flare. I think a touch of paste to plot the blossom petals would be ideal for including some gold or silver shines of sparkle to the blend.

You could even utilize sparkle stick rather than simply free sparkle to accomplish a similar impact with less wreckage. Pick what works best for you and your needs.

Supplies Needed

Purple sparkle paper

Green specialty paper

Purple specialty paper

Printed photograph preview

Paste stick




The most effective method to Make a Paper Flower Photo Card

Start by cutting your photo into a circle.

Next, you will put your image onto the green paper and follow around it to make the highest point of the blossom making it around 1/2″ bigger around than the photograph.

Cut the green circle blossom shape, stem, and keeps separate from the green paper and put in a safe spot

Presently, you will cut a portion of purple paper around 2-3″ wide

Crease this paper down the middle, and start cutting portions of the purple paper. I cut mine into 1/4″ wide pieces, leaving the crease flawless.

When you have the entirety of your purple pieces cut out, you will at that point start sticking them set up around the outside edge of the green hover on the blossom.

Paste these set up with the goal that the collapsed side is outwardly, and the open finishes are on either side of the green paper.

When your bloom has a purple “periphery” around the entire circle, you will at that point utilize your photograph to follow a bit of the purple froth paper around 1/4″ more extensive around than the photograph.

Spot the purple froth paper in the focal point of the bloom circle.

you will stick your photograph onto the focal point of the purple sparkle paper.

Presently, you will include a couple of lines the leaves and an uncommon message to the rear of the blossom.

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